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New Product

Scaffold-free 3D Cell Culture and Assay Plates

PerkinElmer is now the exclusive global distributor of InSphero’s GravityPLUS™ Hanging Drop System and GravityTRAP™ ULA Plate for production of scaffold-free 3D microtissues.

Cells grown in a scaffold-free environment best mimic native biology. The Gravity Plus Hanging Drop format provides precise control over spheroid size up to long term culture and assay. GravityTRAP™ ULA Plate contains a SureXchange™ ledge for simple medium exchange and a flat bottom for imaging. These 3D plates along with PerkinElmer’s CellCarrier ULA plate provides a selection of 3D platforms to best reach your cell growth, assay, and imaging needs.

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2nd High Content Screening Workshop CNIC

Join the 2nd High Content Screening Workshop in Madrid to gain insight into state-of-the-art methodology and latest informatics solutions to accelerate your cell and tissue image data workflows and better understand disease.

Hear from internationally renowned speakers from top institutions and companies in Europe, share visionary ideas, learn from hands-on sessions and discuss challenges you face whilst strengthening professional relationships.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Jez Simpson, University College Dublin, Ireland
  • Chris Bakal, The Institute of Cancer Research, UK
  • Peter Horvath, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary
  • Thierry Dorval, AstraZeneca, UK

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Imaging User Group

North America Annual Imaging
User Group Meeting

6th - 8th October 2015
PerkinElmer, Center for Innovation, Hopkinton, MA

This year’s annual meeting will be held over 3 days with separate tracks in In-Vivo, Tissue and High Content Imaging and Analysis. As in previous years, our User Meeting will bring together hundreds of speakers, participants and press offering first insights to new imaging applications and technologies in an interactive setting and provide the opportunity to interact with pioneers within the imaging community.

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Product Demonstration

Accelerating Discovery through Comprehensive and Integrated
High Content Screening Analysis Solutions

Find out how you can perform your entire screening data analysis and validation on a single platform.

In this video you will learn:

  • How to analyze images well based and cell based information from all high content imaging instruments
  • State-of-the-art methods for multivariate feature selection and dimensionality reduction applied to the analysis of complex, high-dimensional screening data and accurate hit profiling
  • How the new High Content Profiler v1.1 and Columbus 2.6 allow a fully integrated analysis

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Peer-Reviewed Article

Opera Phenix High Content Screening System referenced in new paper published in Nature Communications

The first paper citing Opera Phenix™ High Content Screening System has been published by the Cell Signalling Group, Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute, The University of Manchester.

The authors used the Opera Phenix predominantly for live cell cycle analysis, using the Columbus system and movies to look at the % of cells reaching metaphase as a function of time after the start of prophase. The analysis revealed that si-RNA mediated downregulation of the signalling molecules Tiam1, Pak1 and Pak2 rescued the cells from monastrol induced cell cycle arrest, which may have implications for ongoing clinical trials of Eg5 inhibitors for cancer therapy.

Whalley, H. J., Porter, A. P., Diamantopoulou, Z., White, G. R. M., Castañeda-Saucedo, E., & Malliri, A. (2015). Cdk1 phosphorylates the Rac activator Tiam1 to activate centrosomal Pak and promote mitotic spindle formation. Nature Communications, 6(May), 7437. doi:10.1038/ncomms8437

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PerkinElmer Named 2014 Company of the Year

Our partner, PerkinElmer, was named 2014 Company of the Year by Instrument Business Outlook, citing the company’s financial performance, market leadership, and innovation.

Perkin Elmer activities:

In Food quality and safety

With PE we can help food manufacturers to maintain quality, identify contaminants, and meet stringent regulatory standards.
  • With Perkin Elmer instruments we can ensure the Safety of Common Spices:

Perkin Elmer expertise and instrumentation are helping to keep spices free of dangerous adulterants.

  • The Secret to Successful Beer from a Top Chinese Brewery

Tsingtao Brewery in China is using headspace sampling from Perkin Elmer to ensure their brews maintain their high quality standards.

  • Will the Real Vanilla Please Stand Up?

Perkin Elmer equipment helps the food industry and governing agencies keep vanilla pure and free of adulterants.

In Air & Water Monitoring

We help environmental labs, municipalities and consumers gain insight into air quality. We can bring Air Quality Monitoring to a Playground Near You.We can Perform both specialized and routine air analyses for volatiles and semi-volatiles in air.
The most recent development in our continued efforts to provide total system solutions to our customers is the Air Toxics Analyzer.

  • Toilet to Tap - Recycling Water in Drought-stricken California

California’s Orange County Water District is leveraging technology to recycle millions of gallons of water every day.

  • Shanghai EPA Enhances Environmental Monitoring

Shanghai EPA has consulted with PerkinElmer to select the most suitable and advanced analytical instruments to meet their monitoring requirements.

In Chemical Analysis

The analysis of everything from raw materials to fine chemicals helps determine product functionality and quality, as well as identify next generation innovations.
  • How Remotely Analyzing Biofuel Increases Productivity
With the increasing popularity of biofuel blends, new regulations have forced companies to perform quality control at more remote locations. NIR methods allow different fuels properties to be analyzed easily and quickly, without lengthy sample preparation. We are assured of accurate and reproducible results to confirm product quality
  • Exploring the Potential Dangers of Bisphenol A (BPA)
  • The accuracy of advanced mass spectrometry identifies trace amounts of epoxy resins right down to parts per billion.

In Life Science

We help researchers and pharmaceutical companies monitor the progression of disease and develop drugs and therapeutics.

  • Lucky Dogs Get Tumor Painted

PerkinElmer’s Solaris™ open-air florescence imaging system displays tumors in real time on large monitors under normal lighting conditions.

  •  Fighting Bubble Boy Disease

Fighting Bubble Boy Disease (SCID) a primary immunodeficiency disorder leaving infants with few or no T lymphocytes that help resist infections.

  • Body Wars: Designing Antibodies to Fight Cancer

PerkinElmer’s Vectra platform is helping to advance research into immuno-oncologic treatments.

  • Providing Hope Amidst Fukushima’s Nuclear Disaster

PerkinElmer is instrumental in accelerating the cleanup of Fukushima nuclear disaster.

  • Powering E-Reporting of Lab Results at a Dublin Children’s Hospital

A children's hospital in Dublin adopted PerkinElmer’s Specimen Gate platform and began electronic reporting of newborn screening results, winning an IT award.